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Welcome to HJA, come and Learn Judo with Us!

Houston Judo Academy has been teaching judo in the Houston area for over a decade. The school follows the teachings of Jigoro Kano, the founder of Judo, with a Korean approach in mind. Our goal is to teach Judo as a martial art and also as a sport. All instructors, coaches, and other members volunteer their time for the benefit of everyone.

Our head instructor is a graduate from Judo College in Korea (now Yong In University) and has competed and coached at national and international levels in Korea. We offer training for all ages and all skill levels.

At Houston Judo we strive not just for the physical and mental growth, but also for the well-being that comes through Judo. Get fit, learn an Olympic Martial Art, improve Self Defense, achieve better overall wellness, and improve your self-confidence.

Why Judo?

Judo is practiced in more than 40 countries, and its popularity has been growing in the United States ever since its introduction. As a martial art and as a sport Judo is highly technical and physical allowing for a strong character build.

Judo translates to “gentle art” but this is a misnomer. Judo teaches the principles of efficiency and non-resistance, and thus it is often understood from this that Judo must be done and practiced with gentleness. But this is far from what judo really is, or how it should be practiced.

Judo’s principle of non-resistance means that instead of resisting an opponent by sheer force one will change his direction and movement, through a loss of his balance, in order to throw the opponent as efficient as possible. Judo emphasis in using maximum efficiency through the use of the mind and body allows for many different ways in order to master and apply its techniques.

This level of challenge allows for any Judoka to be well rounded and to develop fortitude and resilience.

Come in or contact us to join or visit a class.

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