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female athletes judokas posing together

Girls’ Judo Isn’t Real Judo? Coaching Female Athletes

Gender segregation during Judo as well as a lack of personal attention to the female judokas can lead to many issues. Female judokas need an environment that invigorates them positively to train and develop as athletes. Gender segregation can come from outside judo, thus female athletes need positive discourse and reassurance to guarantee a healthy self-esteem and self-image. This will ensure female judokas avoid underperformance, eating disorders, and most importantly so they do not drop out of the sport altogether.
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midway stage seionage

Seoi-Nage: From Concept to Application

Seio-nage has high energy demands and complex mechanics involving trunk inclination angle. During the three stages of the throw it is Tsukuri, set up for the throw, that requires the most energy. Knowing these aspects can help in designing a better training plan for it.
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man resting in the floor after rehab injury

Injuries and Judo, not such a Dangerous Sport

Judo is not a dangerous sport. Judo shows one of the lowest numbers of injuries, with a lower incidence than that of soccer, hockey, volleyball, and basketball. The breakdown of injuries is mostly split among the limbs. Judo injuries of the knee, just about 5.7 percent, end in an ACL rupture.
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